A Wizards Beat Reporter Went After Colin Cowherd’s ‘Stupid’ Stance On John Wall

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Chris Miller is just like you. He’s blown away by John Wall’s Game 6 heroics, and he’s equally sick of Colin Cowherd‘s rhetoric about the Washington Wizards star.

The CSN Washington reporter let Cowherd have it on air Friday night after Wall’s 3-point dagger lifted the Wizards to even the Eastern Conference semifinal against the Boston Celtics.

It’s a little personal for me because I’ve seen this kid from day one and I’ve seen all this hate and vitriol that goes his way and all he does is go out and play.

Here’s the one reason why Colin Cowherd has missed it since day one. Go ask his teammates what John Wall is all about. Why don’t you go ask those kids at Southeast DC that John Wall has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting their schools so they could get a better education.

Miller didn’t stop there, pointing to how Wall’s play has helped his teammates find success elsewhere in the NBA, too. His point is clear: those not operating strictly from a radio booth – the people that are around Wall every day – know Wall is the real deal. People closest to him love him.

Go ask them about John Wall and maybe more importantly, go ask the teammates that are no longer here that are enjoying big-time contracts because they played for somebody that wasn’t selfish and got their teammates involved. He gets players paid because he cares. And for Colin Cowherd since day one—since John Wall did The Dougie in his season-opening game one.

To continue this narrative is stupid. Because you don’t have nothing else to say. And until you’re in that locker room and until you talk to John Wall and the people around him, just save that narrative for another day because I’m tired of it.

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I think a lot of people would be thrilled if Wall’s Game 6 performance finally put to rest all the talk about his maturity and ability to be an NBA star. Wall’s dagger gave the Wizards a chance to pull off a Game 7 upset on the road and take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s no guarantee Wall and the ‘Zards can get there, but anything he does after Friday night is another opportunity to let Wall’s play speak for itself. It’s a long way away from anything Cowherd has to say about him. Not that he’s ever been wrong before.