An Up-And-Coming Bay Area Rapper Released A Music Video Called ‘Draymond Green’

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For most NBA players, getting mentioned in a rap song is a clear sign that they’ve made it. Sure, they are in the NBA, an actual dream achieved, but when a rapper like Drake mentions their name in a song, that is a special moment. It means that their name will be sung out during concerts, karaoke car rides and in the club.

But while getting a name drop in a song is very dope, if a player gets an entire song devoted to them, that’s another level of prestige. And that’s apparently where Warriors All-Star Draymond Green is thanks to Bay Area rapper Frak.

Rapping about Green for over three minutes, Frak showed his love for the Warriors All-Star in his new song, creatively titled “Draymond Green.”

The song seems to take inspiration from Green saying during the playoffs that he can’t be compared to Charles Barkley because he is Draymond Green. The video also features multiple clips of Green flexing and also takes a brief intermission to replay his now infamous championship parade celebration speech, where the Warriors All-Star hilariously answered his own rhetorical questions.

Frak also name drops Stephen Curry a couple times throughout the song, but overall it is all about Green. He’s always been the heart of the Warriors and is so beloved by the team’s fans that he apparently gets entire rap songs dedicated to him.