Footballer gives shout out to wife and girlfriend on LIVE TV

This passes as the one of the best, yet the worse Man of the Match speech by a footballer.

Mohammed Anas, a striker of South Africa-based Free State Stars got entangled in a serious verbal blunder, knocking the heads of two women together on live TV.

In a post-match interview after scoring two goals for his side, he openly thanks his wife and surprisingly his girlfriend or say his side-chick as well.

Pretty interesting and hilarious scenario.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw against Ajax Cape Town.

Just after thanking God and his fans, he made the explosive remark, thanking his “wife and girlfriend,” a combination many would sacrifice their lives to avoid.

“Thank you for this, I appreciate my fans. My wife and my girlfriend… I mean my wife, sorry,” he said.

He quickly realised his mistake, and moved swiftly to explain that he meant the former.

That clearly is trouble for the young man.

He appeared visibly shaken and couldn’t solidly construct a sentence to finish his interview after this blunder.

Wish him well as he goes to face his wife as home.

Watch the video here:

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