Why Glen Campbell can no longer play the guitar

Glen Campbell, the the legendary country music icon can no longer play the guitar and this news has saddened many who enjoy him play.

His wife, Kim Campbell has revealed that the legend who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011 will not be able to play the instruement anymore.

Glen was in 2014 moved to a full-time care.  The “Rhinestone Cowboy” was moved to a full-time care facility in March 2014, but his wife of 34 years said in a recent interview with

His wife, whom he’s been married to for over 3 decades said in an interview that she still visits him at the Nashville facility daily with some exceptions.

She said Glen Campbell still plays “air guitar,” but because he’s in the late stages of the disease he cannot play the actual instrument. Campbell, 80, also attempts to sing at times she revealed.

“Doctors say that because Glen continued to do music it probably helped him plateau in the early and middle stages,” Kim Campbell said.

Currently, Glen Campbell is said to have lost his speech and can’t comprehend language. His wife did reveal that he can still utter “automated” responses such as “I love you” and “How are you doing?”

“But he still has his essence,” Kim Campbell added.

Kim Campbell said she’s speaking out in hopes of encouraging others who may be living with a family member with Alzheimer’s.

“I want to let people know that there’s hope out there. There’s help out there. They don’t have to do this alone,” Campbell told the newspaper. “They can’t do it alone. It will take you down.”

About Glen Campbell

Glen Travis Campbell, is an American rock and country music singer, musician, songwriter, television host and actor.
Some of his famous music albums from the past include; Southern Nights, 20 Greatest Hits, Ghost on the Canvas.