Heroic Ghanaian girl chases and apprehends mobile phone snatcher

An 18-year-old Ghanaian girl is in the news in the West African country for heroically overpowering a male mobile phone snatcher and getting him arrested. 

The Senior High School graduate, Elizabeth Adarkwa, shocked residents in Kumasi suburb of Asafo when she put up the brave one-man-show to apprehend the notorious phone snatcher.

The suspect, James Amesiba snatched the phone from Elizabeth and attempted to escape with it.

But Elizabeth, a former 100, 200 and 400 meters athlete gave him a hot chase and apprehended him after about 10 minutes of hot chase.

James Amesiba, the suspect and his nemesis, Elizabeth Adarkwa in the background at the police station

A local media reported that she, “trapped the man to the ground and screamed for help till some youth assisted her to send the thief to the police station.”

The lady told local newspaper, Daily Graphic that she was returning from a church programme with a brother at Santase and on reaching Asafo, she decided to make a quick call while they were stuck in heavy traffic.

“Amesiba who was said to be lurking around apparently spotted Elizabeth making the call and in a flash, snatched the phone and bolted. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, she and the other passengers in the taxi had been trapped because the door locks were malfunctioning. She then decided to go through the window, took off her sandals and gave the criminal a hot chase till she arrested him.”