This luxurious cemetery tomb of Joe Mafela is getting South Africans crazy

South Africans are still trying to wrap their heads around what appears to be the most extravagant and luxurious cemetery tomb the country.

Photos of the tomb show it being made in the form of a living room. It takes the living room setting where there is a plasma TV, beautiful stand, sofa with an accompanying table positioned right before it and a book on it.

What has further triggered the interest is because the tomb is of veteran South African actor, Joe Mafela who died earlier this month on the M1 in Johannesburg.

Joe Mafela was 75.

About Joe Mafela

He was a South African actor, writer, producer, director, singer, and businessman.

He began acting in movies at the age of 22, playing the role of an editor in the movie, Real News. He joined the South African film company SA Films, and over the following 20 years he worked as a producer and director as well as a film actor.

In 2004 Mafela was awarded a special Duku Duku award for his services to the South African television industry.[10] In 2005 he was awarded a Theatre Management of South Africa Lifetime Achievement award at the Naledi Theatre Awards.