Mike D’Antoni And James Harden Looking Totally Defeated Encapsulates Houston’s Game 6

Saying Game 6 was a disaster for the Houston Rockets would be a massive understatement. Despite the fact that Kawhi Leonard did not play due to an injured ankle, San Antonio just ran the Rockets off of their home floor. In a postseason full of blowouts, few things have been more jarring than watching Houston get trucked in an elimination game considering the circumstances.

The result seemed liked it was completely in hand before the second half even started. The Spurs took a 61-42 lead into the locker room at halftime. Shortly after, while the two teams were warming up before the third quarter, Rockets star James Harden and coach Mike D’Antoni were caught on the sideline looking like they were done with this nonsense.

Plenty of people made jokes that were based on this picture, one which showed D’Antoni looking completely out of ideas and Harden looking terrified.

Someone even did the most obvious thing you can with this clip: Set it to the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

This was such a stellar season for the Rockets, one which saw D’Antoni re-establish himself as one of the best offensive minds in basketball and Harden as the potential league MVP. That’s what makes it so disappointing that Houston’s season ended in such a brutal way. Oh well, at least we got this funny picture out of the whole thing.