NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ teaches men these 5 important lessons

Millions of Americans caught the craze of enjoying the first season of what has become an exciting TV series, ‘This Is Us’.

Although there are a few questions and flaws in the series, there are a few high points and great lessons we can pick up and learn from.

Men can learn a few important things from this show especially the famous character, Jack Pearson.

A considerably awesome father, family man, hardworking and caring.

The traits he exhibits in the production shows us that his character can serve a great example to many young men and fathers too.

Here are some 5 key things to learn from Jack Pearson.

1. He is human. He’s not afraid to show his emotions

Jack is very confident and appears to be very strong in his convictions and decisions, however, when things go wrong and he obviously is badly affected by it, he shows it. He does not stuff his grief inside his heart.

He doesn’t mind easing his face to drop a few tears.  It is okay if gentlemen cry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it does not show they are feeble.


2. He is always there for family.

To Jack, the family is not negotiable. His loyalty to his family is just amiable. Faithful to his wife, loves the kids, not ready to sacrifice family for anything.

Even when a lady tries to make advances at him at work, he turns her down with ease, because his commitment stays true to family. Jack’s lesson to us is that, there can be men with morals and will be upright; focused and will do everything to keep the family together.


3. One superb dad you want to have!
Want to be a great dad? Learn from Jack. He was indeed one. Jack is/was a dad whose greatness was demonstrated not just in the little soft issues but the hard tough ones too.

That kind dad who will stay by your bedside till you fall gently asleep, one who will stay up all night to prepare your birthday cake or food.

Doing the little things that will prepare you for life yet in a comfortable way.


4. Never boring. Truly romantic
Many TV series show us a lot of fakes. They appear romantic but are not. Definitely not Jack. He remembers your birthday, has the perfect ideas to surprise you or celebrate your special events, properly plans and executes his romantic stuff.

His energy to make the children and his wife feel special all the time is just incredible.
His wife has commended him on several occasions for doing things in fact, beyond expectation sometimes.

Worth learning isn’t it?
In spite of Jack’s enviable record, his inexplicable addiction to alcohol left much to be desired.
His behaviour was worse after he became overly jealous over the knowledge of a man who was close to his wife.

His drinking habit was out of the roof but it has always been his wife who holds him up.
That did not make him lose his role as the family’s rock.
So you know that no matter the circumstance, the woman as always is a great companion to fix him and others things up to keep the family going.

Watch out for seasons two of ‘This Is Us’. Hope to see Jack in there again.