‘Rick And Morty’ Creators Justin Roiland And Dan Harmon Showcase Their Joke Writing Process Ahead Of Season 3

The third season of Rick And Morty finally lands on Sunday, putting to rest any of those rumored fights and giving fans the satisfaction they’ve craved since April Fool’s Day. The show will repeat the premiere episode from back in April and also the second episode of the season, allowing folks to catch up if they haven’t up to this point. The rest of us who have watched the premiere episode repeatedly and desperately want our own jug of Szechuan dipping sauce from McDonald’s are just glad the show is back.

Following a strong lineup of clips released ahead of the premiere, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have decided to give us a peek inside the joke writing process in the show and the numerous alternate jokes that never make it to the recording booth. Choosing the scene in the aftermath of Morty’s time playing Roy: A Life Well Lived, Roiland runs us through a few of the lines that could’ve made it into the show — performing the voices for each line too. If anything, it’s a cool look at the process for Harmon and Roiland and how each scene has almost as many possibilities as there are (or were) Ricks across the different dimensions.

We also got a new claymation promo from Adult Swim, placing Rick And Morty inside of some classic movies. Unlike some of the past entries, this one comes in to cover Gremlins after most of the action has happened. Morty is in some bad shape while sitting next to Gizmo and Rick plays the part of Mr. Wing, returning Morty’s money to him in exchange for the return of the mogwai. You’d have to think that this is one of the lighter outcomes for Morty considering where he’s ended up on the actual show, but who knows. Maybe the Rick And Morty version of Gremlins is even darker than the actual movie.

(Via Adult Swim)