Video Of LaVar Ball And His Sons Hooping In Hawaii Is Hysterical

Getty Image

LaVar Ball can’t ball. This isn’t new. When footage first emerged of Ball attempting to play a version of James Naismith’s cooperative game sometime last year, it confirmed what we already assumed — that all the bluster and hype and talk of beating Michael Jordan is just a fool’s way of getting attention.

We know this, and yet there’s still something funny about watching him try to play basketball. We are not just our father’s sons and daughters and all that. Children have the power to become more than what their families were in the past. You can change your station. And that’s very clearly what’s happening with the Ball children, who are good at basketball while their father clearly is not.

In case you needed more evidence of this, an Instagrammer captured footage of the Big Baller Brand patriarch trying his best under the hoop during a pickup game in Hawaii.

Ball attempts to finish once under the rim but it’s a clunky miss. He does grab a rebound, though, and dishes it inside to another teammate, who also misses. He then puts his hands on his knees, clearly winded as play continues up the court. The crew filming the family’s reality show can be seen in the background of the game, taking it all in.

These reality show cameras are rolling while the camera phones of the masses capture these moments and put them online in real time, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of what we’ll see once their Facebook reality show finally airs. You’ll see LaVar Ball quit AAU basketball games and blame officials for holding grudges. You’ll probably see him lose a shooting contest to Ice Cube.

But it does look like the cameras are capturing some pretty hilarious moments, if you’re into schadenfreude and want to see LaVar Ball look like a fool. He does a pretty good job of that on his own, but unlike LaVar about his own game, the cameras don’t lie.